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Conservatory Canopies

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The extension to the living space in many homes is often a fully glazed conservatory type room. While maximizing the light available and our all too infrequent sunshine, it can produce harsh environmental conditions such as excessive heat and, a much overlooked drawback – excessive glare.

The conservatory canopy is an ideal solution to this problem.

  • The canopy is usually made of 100% cotton Calico and suspended on stainless steel wires.
  • It is fully retractable and can be dry cleaned.
  • Side windows can be dressed with Roman blinds in the calico also.
  • Customised tailoring for conservatories of all dimensions.
  • Professional installation in your home in a matter of hours.
  • The Canopy system is designed and manufactured exclusively by G C Faulkner & Son since 1979.

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